We are a Canadian Immigration consulting firm, we can advise or we can be your representative for your immigration case. Link Canada Immigration Inc. believes in honesty and ethical in all dealings with both its clients and the various government agencies with which it works.
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Canada needs you! Canada is blessed with a strong growing economy and a diverse population. We have abundant resources and beautiful, safe cities. Our countryside abounds with wildlife and fertile farmland. Canada offers its Citizens and Permanent Residents government healthcare and many other programs to ensure a high standard of living.

All our population growth is as a result of Immigration. This is why Canada has one of the world's highest rates of Immigration: every year we welcome 300,000 new Immigrants.

These levels will only go up in the future. Experts are predicting that Canada's work force will need much higher levels of skilled workers within the next ten years.

Immigration Consultants are specialists who unlike most Immigration Lawyers, work only with Immigration matters. As a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), Ashok Sareen has been certified to advise and represent you before Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are required to pass Immigration exams and must re-educate themselves constantly on changes to Immigration Law and Immigration Policy. This means that by hiring our company, you are getting a specialist in Immigration.

When preparing an Immigration case of any type, using an Immigration Consultant or Immigration Lawyer will help make sure that your application meets the current laws and regulations. There are also many mistakes that applicants often make when applying on their own. We can help you understand what to do, and what not to do.

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council(ICCRC) is the New regulatory body for immigration consultants. It has replaced The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants.(CSIC) CSIC was created in 2003 to regulate the profession of Immigration Consultants. To become a member, the Immigration Consultant must meet ICCRC's requirements, pass knowledge tests, adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, and demonstrate their good character. Only consultants, who are members of ICCRC are allowed to represent an applicant to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, either in Canada or at any Canada Immigration office internationally. Ashok Sareen is a member of ICCRC and also member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

Pleased visit their website at www.iccrc-crcic.ca. For further details and list of active members.

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

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Burlington, Ontario L7L 6W6 Canada

Telephone: 1-877-836-7543 
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Email: info@iccrc-crcic 

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